Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyer

Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyer

You can get assistance from an experienced Chattanooga truck accident law firm with your semi-truck accident case.

18 Wheeler Truck & Commercial Truck Wrecks

Semi-trucks or 18-wheelers may not be involved in as many accidents as cars and other passenger vehicles. According to the NHTSA, only 4.4 percent of motor vehicle incidents included large trucks. Comparatively, 55.3 percent of all motor vehicle collisions involved passenger cars.

Even still, fatal heavy truck accidents do happen occasionally. A semi-truck accident can dramatically change a person’s life with a single fatality or serious injury. A victim of a truck accident can need months or years of medical care and rehabilitation, and they might not be able to make as much money as they did before the event.

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Because there are many potential contributing variables to accidents, it can be challenging to estimate the percentage of incidents involving semi-trucks. Different causes of accidents involving semi-trucks, such as inexperienced drivers, poor road conditions, and driver mistake, are unrelated to the kind of vehicle involved.

Truck drivers who engage in unsafe driving practices, such as speeding or driving while fatigued, may also be at fault for semi-truck accidents. A truck collision may also be caused by or contribute to by the behavior of other road users, the design of the vehicle, the time of day, and many other factors.

Nevertheless, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) annually accumulates thorough crash statistics for automobiles of all types in the United States. The NHTSA’s 2018 report on automobiles involved in collisions states:

Large trucks were involved in 4.4 percent of all motor vehicle accidents.

9.4 percent of those accidents resulted in fatalities, and 3.2 percent in injuries.

4.9% of collisions involving heavy vehicles resulted simply in property damage

55 percent of the heavy vehicles involved in fatal incidents in 2018 were single truck tractors pulling a single semi-trailer, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Understanding the following may be more crucial than talking about the proportion of incidents that are caused by semi-trucks:

  1. the root causes of truck collisions
  2. Responsibility and fault in truck accidents
  3. Truck accident evidence and insurance requirements
  4. How to calculate damages and submit a claim for payment

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Chattanooga, Tennessee the city we call home

Chattanooga is the county seat of Hamilton County, Tennessee, and is located along the Tennessee River, which borders Georgia. On the western extremity, it reaches into Marion County. With an estimated population of 181,099 in 2020, it is Tennessee’s fourth-largest city and one of East Tennessee’s two major cities, alongside Knoxville. It serves as the center of the Chattanooga metropolitan area, Tennessee’s fourth-largest MSP, as well as a broader three-state region that covers Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama. Chattanooga is a transit center, with various railroads and Interstate highways serving it.

Due to the various railroads that converge at Chattanooga, it was a key city during the American Civil War. The railroads allowed the city to grow into one of the greatest heavy industrial hubs in the Southeastern United States after the war. Automobiles, advanced manufacturing, food and beverage production, healthcare, insurance, tourism, and back office and corporate headquarters are all key industries that fuel the economy today.

Chattanooga is located at the crossroads of the Appalachian Mountains’ ridge-and-valley region and the Cumberland Plateau, with a downtown elevation of roughly 680 feet (210 meters). Its official nickname is “Scenic City,” a reference to the mountains and ridges that surround it. “River City,” “Chatt,” “Nooga,” “Chattown,” and “Gig City” are among the unofficial nicknames, the latter referring to the city’s claim to have the fastest internet access in the Western Hemisphere.

Glenn Miller and his orchestra’s 1941 hit song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” made Chattanooga famous around the world. Chattanooga State Community College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) are both located there.